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'Stuart would be the biggest dick in Beacon Hills.'

season 4 needs a stuart (◡‿◡✿)


We’re twins, you absolute twerp.

StilinskiTwins!Teen Wolf/Sterek AU

Stiles being incredibly jealous of everyone who even dares to look at Derek - his twin Stuart included.


Stydia shippers feelings about Stalia:


Jeff Davis:

fic: sing me sweet, sing me low (say you’ll never let me go)


comealongraggedypond prompted “Childhood friends and/or neighbors AU :)” Thanks for the prompt!

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Please dont make me stay. If you make me stay you kill me a little inside


After chapter and chapter of TTDP, (don’t worry it’s still on going), I decided to take a break and do a little one shot. This is inspired from an prompt given by the lovely destiny919 and the song “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran aka my other boyfriend. This was written and listed via my phone so sorry…


I won’t say  g o o d b y e
I won’t let you slip away from me

Have you ever felt opressed? Just so utterly oppressed that you feel hatred growing deeply inside you for people who are supposed to understand?
I feel opressed. I cant even be myself anymore. Because around these people the only thing that i feel is that im not enough, never enough, never smart enough, or anything enough.
Why cant they realise that ill never be what they want me to be and accept it. Why cant they realise that not everything they say is right all the time.
Why cant i be happy?



science side of tumblr please explain dylan o’brien