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Title: Rainstorms

Author: madraggedymanandhisbluebox

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Disclaimer: Whatever you recognize is not mine.

Summary: Being in a relationship with Stiles Stilinski was insanity painted in red. He was the boy who would shift awkwardly in front of you and then skim his long fingers over the right places on your waist.

Oneshot. Set in Junior Year. Fluff.

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post-nogitsune; stiles is having nightmares about the nogitsune and is frantic and calls lydia in the middle of the night and she winds up coming over and comforting him (maybe some cuddling action too c:)


this is really sad and emotional and THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE STYDIA SPOONING
"Suddenly, Stiles found himself completely mesmerized by how beautiful she looked in his hoodie at 3 am with no makeup or fancy hairstyle or expensive jewelry." 

He knew it was a dream. He knew that it couldn’t be real. He knew that it was over, that the Nogitsune was gone, that they were all safe-well, not all of them. Allison wasn’t safe. Aiden wasn’t safe. And even though he knew, deep down, that it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t help but feel like it was.

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Verbal Disagreements

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Stydia, minor Scira

Synopsis: “You love me.” Lydia Martin was never speechless. Sometimes she didn’t have the words to express certain things, but she is never at a loss for any words.

A/N: For Stydia Week 2014, Day 5

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Well… Finally


Fic Request: Lydia and Stiles are secretly dating and everyone’s just figuring it out.

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance


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#NO LISTEN TO ME #some actors #they have billions of kissing scenes right #and most of them are just like #rote and maybe even a little chaste #even in sex scenes #and you just kind of expect that after a while #actors kissing like it’s their job #becuase the script says so#and then here’s Dylan Motherfucking No-Resume O’Brien here #who #(based on the evidence available so far) #doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING onscreen without being like#balls-to-the-wall 100 percent full-body INTO IT #and so we get scenes like this #where it’s just kissing but here’s Dylan looking like he’s mid-coitus practically #stupid breathy moans and flushing and shit #I will not stand for it young man #do you hear me #I WILL NOt StAND FOR IT #demon unicorn #damn you to hell
Is it true that you are dating Dylan O'brien?


we don’t kiss and tell. :3

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Stydia + favourite quotes


Scott might have werewolf powers, but no one saves the day quite as often as Stiles, although he seldom gets the credit he deserves…

Phoebe: I’m just exhausted from dragging around this huge engagement ring.
All: Oh my god!